Innovative Manitoba Health Care and Medical Technology Companies Shedding Light on the Relationship Between Clinical Cannabinoid Therapy and Sleep Quality 

 Innovative Manitoba Health Care and Medical Technology Companies Shedding Light on the Relationship Between Clinical Cannabinoid Therapy and Sleep Quality 


Winnipeg, Manitoba – May 25th, 2022: 

Ekosi Health, a Canadian Indigenous-owned health care provider with expertise in clinical cannabinoid therapy has partnered with Cerebra, a Winnipeg based MedTech start-up revolutionizing sleep disorder diagnosis to advance the science of cannabinoid therapy and sleep. While there is promising preliminary evidence on the positive impact of cannabinoid therapies for sleep improvement, results to date have been mixed and highlighted the need for further research. 

In a landmark study currently being carried out by the partners, the impact of clinical cannabinoid therapy is being assessed for individuals with sleep disturbance. In this, believed to be a first study of its kind for the field, Cerebra’s Sleep System and its proprietary Odd Ratio Product (ORP) sleep depth metric are being utilized in the comfort of the individuals’ own homes to objectively evaluate the effectiveness of cannabinoid therapy. Ekosi Health’s Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Shelley Turner states, “We are incredibly excited to be working together with Cerebra to drive toward a better, unbiased understanding of the potential of cannabinoid therapy to improve individuals’ sleep quality and, as a result, their overall health”. 

The genesis of the study arose as a result of the Bioscience Association Manitoba’s Advancing Healthcare Initiative (AHI) funded by Prairies Economic Development Canada, a program designed to connect health care innovators with clinicians to assess, and assist in, the real-world application and evaluation of their technologies. “We are thankful to both Ekosi Health and the Bioscience Association Manitoba for their involvement in this undertaking; this is a unique project bringing valuable insights to the use of ORP and the Cerebra Sleep System for practical health care use”, says Dr. Amy Bender, Cerebra Director of Clinical Sleep Science. 

Post the conclusion of this initial study, Ekosi Health and Cerebra expect to continue to join forces to create further important and valuable insights in cannabinoid and sleep research. 


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About Cerebra 

Cerebra Medical Ltd. is a Canadian technology company transforming the future of sleep diagnosis and therapy. Cerebra unites innovators and researchers with the common goal and passion of putting “sleep” back into sleep medicine. 

Cerebra Sleep System uses the patented algorithm, Odds Ratio Product (ORP) that micro analyses the Electroencephalogram (EEG) signal providing a continuous measure of sleep depth, moving beyond conventional scoring methods to dig deeper into brain activity. As a leader in sleep diagnostic technology, our innovative Cerebra Sleep System provides sleep researchers and clinicians with accurate, self-applied, in-home diagnostics.