Chronic Pain, ‘chronic’ help – The Leaf Cannabis News

Our Founder, Dr. Shelley Turner, MD CCFP, and one of her patients was recently featured in The Leaf Cannabis News by The Winnipeg Free Press.

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Article Excerpt:

“She has joined the ranks of Canadian seniors seeking marijuana and its derivatives for the relief of rheumatic pain, a trend some doctors say is on the rise. McMillan uses it under the supervision of Dr. Shelley Turner, who practises in both Thunder Bay and in her hometown of Gimli.

Most of Turner’s patients are over the age of 50 — many are past 70 — but they share a common interest in CBD, or cannabidiol, a chemical compound produced by cannabis plants. Roughly two-thirds of her patients arrive with an interest in trying weed to ease the symptoms of arthritis or similar conditions, she estimates.

“They hear about it in the paper, they hear about it on the news,” she says. “I mean, it’s everywhere. So it’s media, but it’s a lot of word of mouth. And people trying to help people.”

Some of her older patients are, nevertheless, reluctant to give it a try.

“There are people who are absolutely desperate,” she says. “They’re well into the whole (cannabis) stigma…. Then there are the people that are completely open and (say), ‘Really, please just help me, I don’t want to take all these pills anymore, I want to feel better.’ And then you have people that have been using cannabis for a long time.””